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04TT - EasyClean® Automatic Taper


The TapeTech 04TT EasyClean® Automatic Taper simultaneously applies tape and the correct amount of joint compound for all drywall joints - dramatically improving taping efficiency. The EasyClean® model has a single screw, removable cover plate for easy cleaning and maintenance. TapeTech automatic tapers are the smoothest running tapers in the world!

  • Discontinued: October 2014
  • Replaced by: 07TT EasyClean Automatic Taper
  • Parts Availability: Most parts are available
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  • Removable Cover Plate for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Longer Control Tube makes it easier to cut tape when working in rooms with higher ceilings
  • Integrated flanges provide positive, ergonomic grip when cutting or advancing tape, reducing user fatigue
  • “Twist-off” Tube Protector at bottom of Taper for easy cable and plunger access
  • Tube Protector provides comfortable hand grip for better control and steering
  • Tube Protector provides superior protection for end of main tube
  • Attached Tape “Keeper” speeds changing of tape rolls and prevents loss of Keeper.
  • Enclosed Rollers provide smoother operation and protect hands
  • Corrosion Resistant Cutting Blade
  • Lightest weight Taper


  • Extra Main Cable Assembly (054209F)
  • Extra Pyramid Blade (056133)
  • Extra Needle Gooser (059049)

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