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B74TT - Bazooka® Pump


The TapeTech B74TT Bazooka® Pump featured a two-speed design that would allow the user to adjust the fill speed of the pump. The pump included the filler adapter and it was attached to the pump to eliminate the chance of losing the filler adapter. The B74TT worked in conjunction with the B89TT Gooseneck to fill automatic tapers and featured a tool-less connection with the gooseneck. The New TapeTech B75TT Pump still includes all the EasyClean features of the B74TT, the tool-less gooseneck connection and the larger diameter tube for faster fills. It also includes a new filler adapter that is over twice as long as the standard filler adpater.

  • Discontinued: December 2011
  • Replaced by: B75TT Bazooka Pump
  • Parts Availability: Limited
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