Why Choose ATF Tools?

In today’s highly competitive workplace we have to work smart. The proper tools will help do just that by completing jobs faster and easier. That’s exactly what TapeTech’s Automatic Taping and Finishing (ATF) Tools are designed to do. When you use TapeTech Tools, not only will you complete jobs in record time, the work will be high quality every time.

Increased Productivity

ATF Tools help you finish drywall faster – up to 300% faster than with taping knives, pans and hawks. Completing the job faster means more profit and the opportunity to win more jobs.

Better Finish

ATF Tools are designed and calibrated to apply the proper amount of joint compound for a better finish. ATF Tools simultaneously finish both sides of the joint requiring very little, if any sanding. A superior finish means more satisfied customers.

Consistent Results

ATF Tools ensure that you get the same high quality results every time. Consistent results on every wall will result in fewer call backs and more profit.

Enhanced Safety

By using tools that can complete most of the work in a standard room without stilts or scaffolding, ATF Tools contribute to a much safer jobsite.

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