No. The B89TT gooseneck is designed to fit the B74TT Bazooka pump without the need for gaskets or tools. This makes switching between the filler adapter and the gooseneck extremely fast compared to standard drywall compound pumps and saves money since you don’t need to purchase gaskets.
If you are using either the TapeTech 76TT or the 73TT EasyClean Loading Pump, it is necessary to use a gasket (part #700049) to provide a good seal between the 90T Filler Adapter or the 85T Gooseneck and the Loading Pump head. It's a good idea to keep a supply of gaskets on hand to prevent downtime. If you use the B74TT or B75TT Loading Pumps, there is no gasket required. There is an integrated seal that prevents leaking. Additionally, these pumps include the filler adapter. The 76TT pump also has an integrated gasket and does not require a paper gasket.
It sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of work and the “O” Ring that is inside the 90T Filler Adapter is worn out. This “O” Ring holds the Filler Tube securely inside the Filler Adapter while you’re filling ATF tools with the 72TT loading pump. The good news is it’s easy to fix this issue! Simply remove the “O” Ring and replace it with a new one (part #709034). Be sure to thoroughly clean the area that this “O” ring is seated in to ensure proper installation.
The condition you describe, commonly known as "blisters", has two possible causes. First, when loading your taper with the loading pump and gooseneck, ensure that the bucket of joint compound has a sufficient amount of material for the loading pump to fill the taper and that you've properly primed the pump. Insufficient compound or improper priming can result in pockets of air in the compound that fills the automatic taper. While these air pockets won't damge the taper or effect its operation, it will leave sections of tape that have no joint compound behind them. Be sure to maintain enough joint compound in the bucket to keep the bottom of the pump covered and prime the pump to force out any air to avoid this problem. (Watch video) Another possible cause could be that you're not maintaining constant contact of the Taper drive wheels on the wallboard surface. Constant contact of the drive wheels to the wallboard is necessary to maintain a steady flow of joint compound onto the tape. (Watch video)
Yes! TapeTech offers the most heavy duty extension handles in the industry. We offer the 88TTA heavy duty extension corner applicator extension handle for the model 35TT or 50TT corner applicator. This handle can also be used with corner applicators from some other brands.
Keeping your Automatic Taping and Finishing tools clean is a key to proper operation and long tool life. An important part of cleaning the Automatic Tapers (04TT & 05TT), MudRunner® (14TT) and Corner Applicators (35TT & 50TT). TapeTech offers an EZ Clean Wash Adapter (#053808) that connects to hose nozzles that feature a threaded front end (e.g Gilmour 573TF). Just attach this adapter to your hose nozzle and then insert onto the filler adapter of the tools. Turn on the water, squeeze the trigger of the hose nozzle and quickly flush the joint compound out of the filler adapters of the tools without getting soaked! There are two adapters per package. These adapters, along with a hose nozzle, are also included as part of the 501B Taper Cleaning Kit and 501H1 Pump Cleaning Kit.
Yes! Applying joint compound to outside corners is easy using the TapeTech 14TT MudRunner® together with the TapeTech 16TT 90oOutside Corner Mud Head! Simply attach the Mud Head to your MudRunner® and apply joint compound directly to the outside corners! The Mud Heads produce a level, consistent layer of joint compound that is ideal for setting paper-faced corner bead. We recommend that you also use the TapeTech 17TT Outside Corner Roller to properly embed the tape on the outside corner.
No, the ATX01TT Taper Extension will not attach to the 03TT Mini-Taper. The extension is designed for the 07TT. The ATX01TT Extension attaches to the control tube of the 07TT and requires the length/distance that the 07TT tube provides. The distance from the bottom of the taper to the control tube of the 03TT Taper is insufficient for the ATX01TT to attach.
There are many commercially available lubricant products on the market. Most are designed for specific uses. Our experience is that many lubricants can cause some of the rubber parts used in ATF tools to swell, making the tools operate less effectively. We recommend using Ames Bazooka Oil when lubricating your TapeTech Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools.