Cleaning & Maintenance

A very small spot can possibly be sanded out however our best advice is to carefully check your fasteners prior to coating with joint compound to avoid this problem.
No, the blade cannot be replaced as it is manufactured into the handle grip.
As with all ATF tools, we recommend that you always keep the tools clean. For the BAZOOKA Continuous Flow pump, you should thoroughly clean out the hopper, pump and hoses by pumping water through them. For more information, see Page 14 of the Graco Pump Operating Manual. It's also recommended that you add Graco Pump Armor to the pump when storing the pump.
Minimal lubrication is needed for the semi automatic tools. Simply apply a small amount to the piston (rubber) of the compound tube.
Basic cleaning can be done by pulling back the plunger to fill the tube with water and then push out the water. Repeat this step several times. The compound tube can also be thoroughly cleaned by releasing the nose cone clips and the plunger clips.  Remove these parts and clean with water and brush.
Whether you've been using your TapeTech extendable box handle for years or you like to set the brake on your new box handles "just right", adjusting the brake on your TapeTech 88TTE XTender handle is easy. First, loosen the lock nut located near the top connector plate. Then adjust the set screw, using a hex wrench, to reach the desired action. Be careful not to tighten the screw too much as this can cause the brake to drag. Finally, tighten the lock nut again and you're ready to go!
Generally, this leak occurs when the U-cup (part #700005) on the 76TT or 73TT pump is worn. The U-cup is a rubber seal that keeps the joint compound from leaking around the piston rod. To repair it, remove the brass gland and insert the U-cup. We recommend that that you insert a new bushing liner (#700029) at the same time as replacing the U-cup. TapeTech 501A is a convenient kit that contains all the necessary parts that you will need to make this repair.
Keeping your Automatic Taping and Finishing tools clean is a key to proper operation and long tool life. An important part of cleaning the Automatic Tapers (04TT & 05TT), MudRunner® (14TT) and Corner Applicators (35TT & 50TT). TapeTech offers an EZ Clean Wash Adapter (#053808) that connects to hose nozzles that feature a threaded front end (e.g Gilmour 573TF). Just attach this adapter to your hose nozzle and then insert onto the filler adapter of the tools. Turn on the water, squeeze the trigger of the hose nozzle and quickly flush the joint compound out of the filler adapters of the tools without getting soaked! There are two adapters per package. These adapters, along with a hose nozzle, are also included as part of the 501B Taper Cleaning Kit and 501H1 Pump Cleaning Kit.
Pumping air into the TapeTech MudRunner®, or any other automatic taping and finishing tool, usually results from either not properly priming the pump or from pumping joint compound from a bucket that is almost empty. If you happen to pump air into the MudRunner®, it will not damage the tool in any way. When you operate the tool, however, there will be a section of the internal or external corner that has less joint compound applied as the air is forced out of the tool. To prevent this, always prime the pump to release any air pockets and maintain a minimum level of joint compound in the bucket; about 3”- 4” is generally sufficient.
Here’s a trick from the Expert: When installing a replacement blade into the TapeTech Flat, EasyClean™ or Power Assist™ finishing boxes, (or any finishing boxes) if you pinch the blade between your thumb and fore finger about 2” from each end of the blade and bend it very slightly, the blade will seat more securely in the holder. To find the right replacement blades for your model of TapeTech finishing box, please reference the Schematics page for your box.
Something is likely keeping the valve open (dried compound, sediment, dirt).  Try cleaning the valve thoroughly with pressured water and a brush. Inspect closely to see if there is anything in there and apply Bazooka Oil.  This should resolve the problem.
There are many commercially available lubricant products on the market. Most are designed for specific uses. Our experience is that many lubricants can cause some of the rubber parts used in ATF tools to swell, making the tools operate less effectively. We recommend using Ames Bazooka Oil when lubricating your TapeTech Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools.