Continuous Flow System

Quick setting joint compounds (hot mud) cannot be used with the Bazooka Continuous Flow System. Only air drying powder or air drying ready mixed joint compounds can be used with the Bazooka Continuous Flow System.
The required extension cord for the CTPMP Bazooka Continuous Flow Pump is a 12 gauge, 3-wire extension cord. The cord should not exceed 250’ (76 meters) in length. Please refer to the Operations Guide for additional information.
As with all ATF tools, we recommend that you always keep the tools clean. For the BAZOOKA Continuous Flow pump, you should thoroughly clean out the hopper, pump and hoses by pumping water through them. For more information, see Page 14 of the Graco Pump Operating Manual. It's also recommended that you add Graco Pump Armor to the pump when storing the pump.
The BAZOOKA Continuous Flow system is designed to run one tool at a time. However, the system can fill standard automatic taping and finishing tools at the same time the pump is running a continuous flow tool.
The BAZOOKA Continuous Flow system is designed for optimal operation with up to 150’ of ½” hose plus 15’ of ¼” whip hose.
Keeping your Automatic Taping and Finishing tools clean is a key to proper operation and long tool life. An important part of cleaning the Automatic Tapers (04TT & 05TT), MudRunner® (14TT) and Corner Applicators (35TT & 50TT). TapeTech offers an EZ Clean Wash Adapter (#053808) that connects to hose nozzles that feature a threaded front end (e.g Gilmour 573TF). Just attach this adapter to your hose nozzle and then insert onto the filler adapter of the tools. Turn on the water, squeeze the trigger of the hose nozzle and quickly flush the joint compound out of the filler adapters of the tools without getting soaked! There are two adapters per package. These adapters, along with a hose nozzle, are also included as part of the 501B Taper Cleaning Kit and 501H1 Pump Cleaning Kit.
Since the continuous flow pump maintains a constant flow of joint compound, the continuous flow finishing boxes have a smaller profile and less capacity than the standard Flat Boxes because their primary purpose is simply to deliver the joint compound to the wall. These finishing boxes don't need to "store" compound the way standard finishing boxes do. This makes continuous flow finishing boxes lighter and easier to handle than standard ATF boxes.
Absolutely. The Bazooka Continuous Flow Bazooka Taper T05CF weighs just 7 pounds, including a 250’ roll of tape! Compare this to a standard automatic taper that weighs approximately 18 pounds when fully loaded with joint compound and tape. The key difference is that the Continuous Flow Taper does not need to hold a reserve of joint compound; the joint compound flows continuously through the taper handle and onto the wall as you work. The taper handle is also smaller in diameter and more comfortable to operate for longer periods of time. Comfort, lower weight and no need to stop and refill constantly – continuous flow is a great solution for high production drywall finishing!
There are many commercially available lubricant products on the market. Most are designed for specific uses. Our experience is that many lubricants can cause some of the rubber parts used in ATF tools to swell, making the tools operate less effectively. We recommend using Ames Bazooka Oil when lubricating your TapeTech Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools.