Corner Applicators

Yes! TapeTech offers the most heavy duty extension handles in the industry. We offer the 88TTA heavy duty extension corner applicator extension handle for the model 35TT or 50TT corner applicator. This handle can also be used with corner applicators from some other brands.
No. The TTCTAP and TTCFIN Tool cases hold all the other tools but they do not hold the MudRunner.
Keeping your Automatic Taping and Finishing tools clean is a key to proper operation and long tool life. An important part of cleaning the Automatic Tapers (04TT & 05TT), MudRunner® (14TT) and Corner Applicators (35TT & 50TT). TapeTech offers an EZ Clean Wash Adapter (#053808) that connects to hose nozzles that feature a threaded front end (e.g Gilmour 573TF). Just attach this adapter to your hose nozzle and then insert onto the filler adapter of the tools. Turn on the water, squeeze the trigger of the hose nozzle and quickly flush the joint compound out of the filler adapters of the tools without getting soaked! There are two adapters per package. These adapters, along with a hose nozzle, are also included as part of the 501B Taper Cleaning Kit and 501H1 Pump Cleaning Kit.
Pumping air into the TapeTech MudRunner®, or any other automatic taping and finishing tool, usually results from either not properly priming the pump or from pumping joint compound from a bucket that is almost empty. If you happen to pump air into the MudRunner®, it will not damage the tool in any way. When you operate the tool, however, there will be a section of the internal or external corner that has less joint compound applied as the air is forced out of the tool. To prevent this, always prime the pump to release any air pockets and maintain a minimum level of joint compound in the bucket; about 3”- 4” is generally sufficient.
When filling the MudRunner®, we recommend that you first make sure that the filler nozzle on the tool is clear of any dry joint compound or other debris. Then firmly press the filler nozzle of the tool all the way into the filler adapter on the joint compound  loading pump. As you fill the tool, the joint compound forces the hydraulic cylinder down – be sure to hold the tool securely in the filler adapter or it may “push” itself off from the pressure. Make sure that your joint compound is mixed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Add a small amount of water if the mix seems too thick or is difficult to pump into the MudRunner®. Finally, after cleaning the MudRunner® each time, lubricate the Rod Wiper with Ames Bazooka Oil. Proper cleaning and maintenance, along with this basic technique described above, will make filling your TapeTech MudRunner® easier.
Yes! Applying joint compound to outside corners is easy using the TapeTech 14TT MudRunner® together with the TapeTech 16TT 90oOutside Corner Mud Head! Simply attach the Mud Head to your MudRunner® and apply joint compound directly to the outside corners! The Mud Heads produce a level, consistent layer of joint compound that is ideal for setting paper-faced corner bead. We recommend that you also use the TapeTech 17TT Outside Corner Roller to properly embed the tape on the outside corner.
Your joint compound mix is probably too thick. Try mixing more water into your compound. Generally, about 28 to 30 oz. of water per 5 gallons is the right mix. The rubber wiper inside of the material cylinder may also need to be lubricated with Ames Bazooka Oil. This wiper will sometimes become dry and slows the movement of the piston that pushes the joint compound. This will keep your MudRunner working effortlessly.
The syringe does, in fact, hold significantly more compound than a corner applicator but it operates the same way as a standard applicator; requiring manual force to push the compound out of the syringe. Your friend also needs to literally suck the compound out of the bucket with the syringe which is a very manual process that requires the removal of the corner finisher whenever it’s time to refill the tool. TapeTech took this concept a giant leap forward with the MudRunner®, making corner finishing easier than ever. The MudRunner® operates with a simple twist of the wrist to effortlessly apply compound to inside and outside corners with corner finishers or mud heads. The MudRunner® holds 50% more compound than a standard 8” corner applicator and 70% more than a 7” applicator.
If joint compound is leaking back out of the filler, check to be sure there is no dry joint compound or debris preventing the filler from completely closing and sealing. Thoroughly wash the filler with clean water and check the spring on the filler assembly.
If your corner applicator is difficult to push it could be due to a few things. First, be sure that the tool is properly attached to the handle. The end of the HA handle has an “elbow”. This elbow should face away from you (toward the wall) when the tool is in use. Second, make sure the joint compound is properly mixed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the joint compound is too thick, it will be hard to push out of the corner applicator. Finally, the wiper on the edges of the pressure plate should be properly lubricated with Bazooka oil. A dry wiper will make it difficult to operate the corner applicator.
Check the blade on the Nail Spotter to be sure there is no debris. Thoroughly clean the blade. You should also check to see if the blade has been damaged.  The carbide blades on TapeTech Nail Spotters are extremely durable but can be damaged if the tool repeatedly strikes the heads of screws or nails that were not properly set during drywall installation. If you need to replace the blade, use part number 600005F for the 63TT 2” Nail Spotter or part number 650005F for the 68TT 3” Nail Spotter.
There are many commercially available lubricant products on the market. Most are designed for specific uses. Our experience is that many lubricants can cause some of the rubber parts used in ATF tools to swell, making the tools operate less effectively. We recommend using Ames Bazooka Oil when lubricating your TapeTech Automatic Taping and Finishing Tools.