Parts Kits

If your TapeTech Loading Pump - 76TT, 72TT, 73TT, B74TT or B75TT - will not prime or pump the joint compound it is usually due to one of two possible causes. The first reason could be that the valve disc located just above the screen is blocked and cannot open to allow the joint compound to pass into the pump cylinder. The other reason is that debris or dried joint compound has collected in the foot valve screen and is blocking the flow of joint compound. The best way to fix this issue is to spray water directly into the screen/foot valve to loosen and remove any material. If pressured water is not available, try placing the loading pump into a bucket of clean water, and pump water through the pump until it will prime. Drain the water and place the loading pump back into the bucket of joint compound and then prime with joint compound. TapeTech offers a convenient maintenance kit, 501H1, to help you keep your loading pumps in the best working condition.
Generally, this leak occurs when the U-cup (part #700005) on the 76TT or 73TT pump is worn. The U-cup is a rubber seal that keeps the joint compound from leaking around the piston rod. To repair it, remove the brass gland and insert the U-cup. We recommend that that you insert a new bushing liner (#700029) at the same time as replacing the U-cup. TapeTech 501A is a convenient kit that contains all the necessary parts that you will need to make this repair.
Keeping your Automatic Taping and Finishing tools clean is a key to proper operation and long tool life. An important part of cleaning the Automatic Tapers (04TT & 05TT), MudRunner® (14TT) and Corner Applicators (35TT & 50TT). TapeTech offers an EZ Clean Wash Adapter (#053808) that connects to hose nozzles that feature a threaded front end (e.g Gilmour 573TF). Just attach this adapter to your hose nozzle and then insert onto the filler adapter of the tools. Turn on the water, squeeze the trigger of the hose nozzle and quickly flush the joint compound out of the filler adapters of the tools without getting soaked! There are two adapters per package. These adapters, along with a hose nozzle, are also included as part of the 501B Taper Cleaning Kit and 501H1 Pump Cleaning Kit.